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Barclay Austin Hilton Hoar


As Chairman and co-founder of Chartered Wealth Solutions, Barclay ensures that the company stays true to its vision to be the leading RetiremeantTM planning business in South Africa.

Early in his career, Barclay found meaning in financial planning through Life Planning, a process that, for the first time, allowed Chartered to help people merge their money with the plans that they have for their lives. “Now we can focus on what your money is for, balancing a return on life and a return on investment” says Barclay.

Overseeing the company’s business strategy combined with being the guardian of the company’s philosophy to approach Retiremeant™ as an holistic process where clients are able to get the most meaning from their money, gives Barclay his sense of purpose. “I am a visionary and an optimist, and I love facilitating change. An essential element to remaining valuable, relevant and proactive, is to learn and grow continuously as a company, so that we can meet the changing needs of our clients,” says Barclay.

Barclay is married to Jess and the father of Zoe and Thomas. He loves spending time away with his family, reading, swimming and playing a good game of tennis!