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Implications of BREXIT

July 11, 2016

Knowledge, not a knee-jerk reaction, is crucial to bouncing back

Chartered CEO, John Campbell, issued a comment following the release of the BREXIT results, outlining the implications of the surprise ‘Leave’ decision. Besides the seismic global and UK impact, there are potential local effects of which we need to be cognisant, including the strength of the rand.

In the wake of the BREXIT announcement, a deluge of press releases, articles and commentaries hit the media.  Among those are a number of commentators who take the stance that BREXIT will not become a reality, for various practical reasons.  It is an interesting viewpoint, and one which you may appreciate reading.

While there may be uncertainty and anxiety with the political and economic turbulence that has resulted, we assure our clients that their planners are always available to answer any queries.  Feel free to contact them.

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