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Lyn Terblanche

Retirement Fund Administrator

Lyn lives her life by the following ethos: Trust in your core and you will never be wrong; believe in yourself and you will conquer the world.

Born in Zambia, Lyn matriculated in Johannesburg in 1977. She completed a Commerce Certificate at ACE College in 1978, and started her career in life assurance in the Policy Servicing Department at Ned- Equity. She was subsequently ‘headhunted’ by Allianz/Momentum in 1984 and joined them as the Departmental Head in their New Business/Underwriting/Claims section. They relocated to Centurion and Lyn, electing not to do the ‘distance run’, joined Patrick Madden at Robert Enthoven in 1986. Lyn moved with Patrick when he started his own brokerage in 1993. With his merger with the Chartered group in March 2015, Lyn is now part of the Chartered family.

“I am a HUGE animal and nature lover. I do endurance riding (the Comrades of horses). I have completed the famous Fauresmith ride – most difficult endurance ride in the world, second to the Desert ride. I cycle and gym to keep fit, which assists when I train for endurance. I love reading autobiographies and spending time in the bush” says Lyn.