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Chartered Employee Benefits (CEB) consults to corporate boards of management on the design of benefits within retirement funding with specific reference to:

  • Eligibility
  • Normal and late retirement provisions
  • Member and employer contribution rates and tax efficiency
  • Freestanding and umbrella structures

Employee benefits include the following:

  • Group life cover
  • Disability income protection
  • Capital disability
  • Dread disease/trauma
  • Spouses and orphan benefits
  • Funeral costs

These benefits are structured together to provide employees with a holistic package, which fulfills their needs within financial and other constraints.

A well-structured retirement fund provides an efficient balance between auxiliary benefits and traditional retirement benefits. This approach assists in attracting and retaining quality employees.

The design of a group retirement fund should:

  • suit the needs of both the employer and the employees,
  • meet the organisation’s overall objectives, and
  • be true to its values.

The employer will only have certain financial resources at its disposal to defray employee benefit costs. In order to ensure the effective allocation of these resources, we ensure the real needs of employees are addressed.

Chartered Employee Benefits assists a corporate board of management in selecting the appropriate service providers for the different aspects of a retirement fund. This includes administration, an investment consultant and the risk benefit providers.

Chartered Employee Benefits has a strong focus on independence and believes each provider should be appointed on merit and ability to deliver service. The primary objective of a retirement fund is to replace the employee’s salary in retirement and therefore a robust investment process is mandatory in order to achieve this goal.

Chartered Employee Benefits assists with the investment consulting process with a focus on the following:

  • Setting investment objectives
  • Developing an investment strategy
  • Selecting asset managers
  • Implementing and monitoring
  • Reporting to the corporate board of management.

Key to our process is that all staff and management are accessible to our clients.

FAIS number 24323