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Head of Legal, Technical and Consulting Support

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Educate to liberate!

Raschin believes passionately in providing members (and employers, too) with adequate information to enable them to make informed choices about planning for a financially secure retirement. Chartered Employee Benefits places a high value on educating members about the retirement fund to which they belong. We may think it is sufficient to belong to a retirement fund, but how much do we understand about it? How much may I contribute? What investment choices do I have? What happens when I die or become disabled?

Raschin is Head of Legal and Technical at Chartered Employee Benefits and spends a large part of his day doing research and providing advice and guidance on legal and technical matters to members, employers and trustees. Raschin holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in communication. He is working towards obtaining his BCom Risk Management degree next year. Raschin joined Chartered Employee Benefits in 2010 as Head: Retirement Fund Consulting.

Raschin is committed to quality and this is evident in the work he produces; he places a high value on ethics.  Raschin is passionate about spending time with his family, is an avid sports fan and enjoys a good discussion.  He has run and finished the challenging and daunting Comrades Marathon on five occasions!

You can contact Raschin on 011 502 2800 or via email raschin@charteredeb.co.za