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“I always aspire to make a difference in everything that I do, that will leave a footprint unique to me and who I am,” says Chris.

Chris has considerable experience in the finance industry. He currently operates in ‘the engine’ of CEB as he supports the consultants as they deliver service to Chartered Employee Benefits’ corporate clients. Chris values the work that he does as this is the means by which he contributes positively to the members the company deals with daily. “I take pride in the member education sessions which I conduct, as I get to interact with members, empower them and listen to their needs. I suppose it is always nice to be the bearer of good news (in most cases), because the retirement funds that CEB has set up for them are, for most, the only savings they have. They become jubilant when they find out they have something for retirement, and, should they pass on, their families will be provided for,” adds Chris.

Chris has completed his Higher Certificate in Financial Planning and is currently pursuing his undergraduate degree in Psychology, with the aim of studying towards his Certified Financial Planner® certification once complete. This will equip him for a future consulting role within Chartered Employee Benefits. Chris enjoys going to the gym, and spending time with family.

Chris says he loves what CEB is all about. “I believe in their values; I share their passion; I am right where I belong.”