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A message from John Campbell, CEO of Chartered Employee Benefits and Chartered Wealth Solutions

In most instances, your retirement fund is the biggest investment you will ever have.

Since 1994 I have been assisting clients with their financial planning needs; yet, sadly, many people don’t have access to this individual and tailored advice. The majority of people in South Africa have their financial planning done for them by their employers in the form of retirement funds and group risk benefits.

Chartered Wealth Solutions is a specialist retirement planning business and we meet people at the end of their working life. This is often when we see the results of what employers have put in place for their staff. With this information as a context, we established Chartered Employee Benefits in 2005 to have more involvement in ensuring the correct structuring of these benefits. With a person’s working life spanning 40 years or more, there is much that goes into ensuring these funds are optimised to achieve the desired outcome for an employee when they retire.

We regard providing excellent Employee Benefits part of our mandate to create a financially healthy and literate South Africa. We hope to create a relationship of trust with both employer and employee, one in which our advice is regarded as practical and reliable.

I am proud to see Employee Benefits as part of the Chartered Family. When I recently received an email from a client in which she said that she “had never before dealt with such a professional company and caring people” with regards to Chartered Employee Benefits, I was assured that we are on track with our original goals.

The Chartered Employee Benefits team is a dedicated and knowledgeable one, and I look forward to many more years of working together ahead of us.

A message from Trevor Taylor, Managing Director, Chartered Employee Benefits

Welcome to Chartered Employee Benefits. We pride ourselves on being an independent, locally grown employee benefits consultancy that is part of the Chartered family.

We recognise the importance of employee satisfaction to the success of business and Chartered Employee Benefits aims to help employers positively assume this responsibility.

It is important to us to match the needs of employees with a company’s values.

Providing the right employee benefits is crucial to quality employee retention and motivated staff: well-structured, holistic employee benefit packages form part of company governance and is good for employees – a win-win for everyone.  In our experience, the “right” package is a holistic mix of traditional employee benefits and auxiliary benefits such as training and wellness.

We review, critically assess and make recommendations where necessary on benefit packages in order to remain current, competitive and relevant.

In the words of Seth Godin: “You have everything you need to build something far bigger than yourself.” We aspire to ensure our client’s employee benefits equip companies with all they need to create engaged, happy, and successful employees.


Chartered Wealth Solutions specialises in retirement planning. Part of our strategy in helping you retire successfully is to guide you through a process of discovery so that you can map out the life you want to live in retirement.

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