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Private health care is like car insurance: possibly a grudge purchase, but essential for a responsible ‘driver’ of your vehicle called life.

Paramesh believes life needs balance and your health is key to enjoying the other segments. Protecting your health is crucial to a long, sustained and fulfilled journey.

“Helping people make informed decisions regarding their healthcare insurance is rewarding; I know I have contributed to protecting their most important assets: themselves and family,” he says.

Paramesh has extensive exposure to client services, with just under ten years’ experience in the service industry. He has been with Chartered Employee Benefits since 2013. Being a Healthcare Consultant allows him to engage with employers and employees in a one-on-one engagement and provide the personalised service for which the company is known. He is currently completing his Certificate in Wealth Management and pursuing his BCom in Human Resource Management.

Paramesh lives by the adage: “Happiness is a state of mind”, and applies a positive outlook to all situations, looking for the lesson to be learnt and the way forward. This mentality motivates his solution-driven attitude toward his work. In his spare time, he enjoys photography and reading motivational books.

You can contact Paramesh on 011 502 2800 or via email