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Carol defines success as the ability to go to bed each night with your soul at peace. She believes that you are able to achieve this by singing to your own tune and to not conform to what society believes is right. This principle can be applied to your personal financial well-being too.  You should be confident with the financial plan for your life and not feel the need to buy into society’s belief of what wealth is, that is, buying a liability (for example, an expensive car) that you can’t afford which detracts from your wealth. Rather live generously, enjoy every moment, take vacations, but also think about your long-term plan for your life and that of your family.

Carol is a Senior Employee Benefits consultant at Chartered Employee Benefits and thrives on adding value to employers who look after their employees. 

Carol has an entrepreneurial spirit and loves to be creative, innovative and make things count.

She enjoys her time with her two boys, whilst grading with them in karate, attending rugby and cricket matches, going on adventures or just chilling at home. She is an avid photographer, and has a great passion on finding that right shot.

Carol is fulfilled by spending quality time with her family, exploring the wonders of new places, and cycling in the Cradle on an overcast, cool day.

You can contact Carol on 011 502 2800 or via email