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I would like to thank you and your team for an excellent member presentation session today.  I have been through many member presentations in the past, and you really managed to put it across in a simple, easy-to-understand manner.  Watching the staff members and the questions that were asked I could see that they all understood the implications of the issues that you were putting forward, especially with using examples of items that we all use daily.

For me a decision of what brand of coffee I will be able to afford is vital (I am a Nespresso coffee addict and I don’t think that this will fit into my retirement, unless I do something drastic).   What also helped tremendously was that, for the first time, we all knew what our current replacement percentages were – that really drove home the importance of planning and preparing for retirement.

I also think that emphasis on updating the beneficiary forms for both the Pension Fund and the Death Benefit cannot be overstated and I was pleased that you covered this in detail.  I trust that the members will take note of this.

Thanks once again for a very informative session.

Carol Bews, Assistant Director, Jo’burg Child Welfare
Thanks for the great service your efficiency is appreciated.
Freddy Beukes, Group Wellness Manager, Sasol Group Services
I have had the pleasure of dealing with Chartered Employment Benefits over the last few years. They are experts at what they do. Employing only the top professional talent within the industry, CEB delivers service that is both personal and of a top quality. Nothing is too much effort and they always go the extra mile. As HR Manager, I have peace of mind. I would have absolutely no hesitation in recommending them to any other organisation as I firmly believe that they can only add value to any company who chooses to partner with them.
Helen Wasley, Human Resources Manager, PPD
I just want you to know how well off the BUPF is with you as the consultant. When I think back of the intermediaries that have been involved, I shudder to think where we would be today, had they still been around. You ooze confidence and have shown that you are able to guide the board through the mire, which will, in time to come, lead to an era of rest and order.

Thank you for all your guidance and support and commitment, without which the journey forward would be extremely difficult.

John and Raschin are similar in their desire to support the client and they certainly enhance the culture that you are creating in the company.

I will do my best to be of support in your efforts and hope that in conjunction with the other trustees, we will get this scheme where we want it to be.

Jaap Mol, Chairman, Baptist Union of South Africa Pension and Provident Fund