3 Reasons to choose Chartered Employee Benefits

/3 Reasons to choose Chartered Employee Benefits
3 Reasons to choose Chartered Employee Benefits2016-11-30T17:40:11+00:00
We are an independent, locally grown employee benefits consultancy that is part of the Chartered family. What does this mean for our clients and their employees? Chartered Employee Benefits can therefore provide unbiased and objective advice to our clients on how best to provide benefits that are attractive to their employees, while at the same time helping the company manage costs appropriately.
We recognise the extent to which employee satisfaction contributes to the success of our client’s business, and Chartered Employee Benefits aims to help employers positively assume this responsibility.

It is important to us to match the needs of employees with a company’s values.

Providing the right employee benefits is crucial to quality employee retention and motivated staff: well-structured, holistic employee benefit packages form part of company governance and is good for employees – a win-win for everyone. In our experience, the “right” package is a holistic mix of traditional employee benefits and auxiliary benefits such as training and wellness.

We review, critically assess and make recommendations where necessary on benefit packages in order to remain current, competitive and relevant.

Chartered Employee Benefits is aware of our responsibility in adding value to our client’s decision-making process.  Our service is customer-centric and we provide individual members with direct access to our consultants.