This December, get your bucks in row…

//This December, get your bucks in row…

This December, get your bucks in row…

The festive season usually instils a sense of joy and almost relief as we approach the end of the year. For most of us, just a brief respite from the relentless demands of our routines is most welcome.

In these tough economic times, however, we can also have an equal sense of dread as we wait for January pay day after a lengthy and expensive gap between salary cheques.

So, this edition of the Xpress Newsletter cites worthwhile tips from our strategic partner, Interface Employee Financial Solutions, on how to get our bucks in a row as we head into 2018.

  • Stay Motivated: Think back to your January financial resolutions and goals, and perhaps remind yourself of the goal. Don’t allow the festive season to distract you from your bigger financial picture.
  • Budget Better: It is vital to create a holiday budget even if you are not travelling. Often we think we will have a staycation and experience being “a tourist” in our home town. Remember if you are not working chances are you are spending. So create a budget and then stick to it!
  • The best gifts don’t come in boxes” – a saying so true. Think carefully before you spend on gifts. One of the best financial gifts in life is the feeling of financial freedom, and knowing that you are financially secure. Set expectations with your loved ones and don’t buy unnecessary gifts out of guilt or fear, swiping your card and then spending months paying it off.
  • Plan Ahead: Before you know it December will be a distant memory and we will be into January 2018. Many people feel that January is the longest month of the year as we usually get paid on the 16th of December and it is a whopping 40 days to wait until we receive our January salaries on the 25th. January is also a month where additional items hit the budget, and this is especially if you have children: you may have to fork out for new clothes, books and school fees. So plan ahead in December, keeping a secret stash of cash for the costs that you need to budget for in January.
  • Yes you can: Having a “can-do” positive attitude is vital to financial success. Don’t feel overwhelmed or allow yourself to think that there is no way you will be able to manage your finances. The saying, “if you think you can, you can” is very true. Remind yourself of your abilities and tell yourself that you can be money savvy and you can succeed.

From me, Trevor and the CEB team, we wish you a stress-free approach to the festive season with much planning to keep your financial peace of mind.


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